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Take a look at some of the articles our esteemed speakers have published recently and chat with them about their research in Shanghai in June.

Keynote Speakers
Marco ColonnaWashington University in St. Louis, USA
TREM2 drives microglia response to amyloid-β via SYK-dependent and -independent pathways

Alberto MantovaniHumanitas University, Italy
Macrophage expression and prognostic significance of the long pentraxin PTX3 in COVID-19

Leila AkkariNetherlands Cancer Institute, The Netherlands
Dynamic changes in glioma macrophage populations after radiotherapy reveal CSF-1R inhibition as a strategy to overcome resistance

Ido AmitWeizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Coupled scRNA-Seq and Intracellular Protein Activity Reveal an Immunosuppressive Role of TREM2 in Cancer

Burkhard BecherUniversity of Zurich, Switzerland
The CNS mononuclear phagocyte system in health and disease

Xuetao CaoNankai University, China
Increased glucose metabolism in TAMs fuels O-GlcNAcylation of lysosomal Cathepsin B to promote cancer metastasis and chemoresistance

Lélia DelamarreGenentech, USA
Antigen presentation in cancer: insights into tumour immunogenicity and immune evasion

Andrés HidalgoYale University, USA
Behavioural immune landscapes of inflammation

Tiffany HorngShanghaiTech University, China
Lipid Metabolism in Regulation of Macrophage Functions

Xiaoyu HuTsinghua University, China
Risk factors of cytokine release syndrome: stress, catecholamines, and beyond

Eicke LatzUniversity Hospital Bonn, Germany
Transcriptional licensing is required for Pyrin inflammasome activation in human macrophages and bypassed by mutations causing familial Mediterranean fever

Clare LloydImperial College London, UK
Overlapping and distinct features of viral and allergen immunity in the human lung

Lai Guan NgSingapore Immunonology Network (SIgN), Singapore
Combinatorial Single-Cell Analyses of Granulocyte-Monocyte Progenitor Heterogeneity Reveals an Early Uni-potent Neutrophil Progenitor

Renato Ostuni, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Italy
A PGE2-MEF2A axis enables context-dependent control of inflammatory gene expression

Virginia PascualWeill Cornell Medicine, USA
Erythroid mitochondrial retention triggers myeloid-dependent type I interferon in human SLE

Carla RothlinYale University, USA
Determining the effector response to cell death

Kate SchroderIMB Centre for Inflammation Research, University of Queensland, Australia
Parkinson's disease: connecting mitochondria to inflammasomes

Bing SuShanghai Institute of Immunology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, China
Single-cell and spatial analysis reveal interaction of FAP+ fibroblasts and SPP1+ macrophages in colorectal cancer

Roxane TussiwandNational Institutes of Health (NIH), USA
Dntt expression reveals developmental hierarchy and lineage specification of hematopoietic progenitors

Dan Ye, Fudan University China
Itaconate inhibits TET DNA dioxygenases to dampen inflammatory responses

Zemin Zhang, Peking University, China
A pan-cancer single-cell transcriptional atlas of tumor infiltrating myeloid cells

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