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Cell Symposia: Mucosal immunology: Immunity at the barriers
In partnership with the Institute for Immunology Tsinghua University and Shanghai Immune Therapy Institute
May 15–17, 2024, Beijing, China

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Multicellular organisms exist in concert with their environment. To balance the benefits of the environment with the potential dangers, the anatomical sites where the organism interfaces with the environment feature specialized structures and abundant innate and adaptive immune cells that work to maintain homeostasis. This “mucosal immunity” is not restricted to eliminating pathogens but also serves to repair damaged tissues, isolate cellular aberrations such as malignancies, and integrate the many processes of the organism’s physiology with demands of its existence in the environment.

In this scientific conference, we will be joined by international leaders in the field of mucosal immunology who are at the forefront of elucidating the biological strategies by which the immune system located at the body’s barriers influences organismal homeostasis. Over the course of 2.5 days, this meeting will focus on the following domains.


  • Microbiome interactions with host cells at mucosal surfaces
  • Cellular crosstalk at mucosal tissues
  • Maintaining tolerance in mucosal surfaces
  • Breaking tolerance in mucosal surfaces
  • Metabolic crosstalk at mucosal tissues


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