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Cell Symposia: Bio-inspired and bio-integrated materials in accelerating technologies
in partnership with Suzhou Institute for Advanced Research, University of Science and Technology of China and Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS, China
December 1–3, 2023, Suzhou, China

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Abstract submission deadline: July 28, 2023
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Bio-inspired materials are materials and materials systems whose function, properties, and structure mimic those of natural materials. Such bio-inspired design concepts are rapidly being developed into many advanced applications, exploiting many of nature’s tricks. They are used in a wide range of advanced techniques and devices intended for medical, industrial, consumer, and energy sectors. At the same time, bio-integration—introducing engineered materials, sensors, implants, devices, and other augmentations—is a growing field of applied materials science. The materials science community is attaching more importance to the study of bio-inspired and bio-integrated materials for their applications in advanced techniques and devices, highlighting science and technology innovation across multiple fields.

With a focus on the importance of materials behavior at the intersection of biology and physical sciences, this symposium seeks to bridge the gap from materials design, to functional systems, to ultimate technological solutions. Our aim is to highlight the potential of nature’s insight applied to societal needs, connecting early career and senior researchers with corporate partners to inspire the next generation of breakthrough technologies.

The symposium will consist of two parallel tracks with five themes:

1. Bio-inspired structure and composites
2. Cells and soft matter
3. Interfaces and integration
4. Theranostics and drug delivery
5. Functional and smart materials

There will be joint sessions for keynote lectures and panel discussions, as well as a special youth forum for early career researchers and poster sessions for students.

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Plenary speakers


  • Lei Jiang, Suzhou Institute for Advanced Research, University of Science and Technology of China and Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS, China
    Shutao Wang, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS, China
    Steve Cranford, Editor-in-chief, Matter
    Jiqing Sun, Scientific editor, Chem, Consulting editor, Matter
    Fenglin Liao, Deputy editor, iScience, Consulting editor, Chem

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